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Smart Virtual Classes

When you are helping students learn, make sure you have the best resources in hand. Thus, the traditional blackboard and books have been successfully replaced by virtual learning slides, computers and other such gadgets to foster healthy learning habits. The projector does the needful in reducing time and efforts. A student can even interact with the same and thus learn in an innovative way.

Virtual Class Softwere

  • modules No Internet

    No Internet

    We can easily access videos, audio, pictures, books even without Internet

  • modules Paper Less

    Paper Less

    BY using this, we can reduce huge amount paper wasting.

  • modules Live Video

    Live Video

    Live Video Setup for school for virtual learning classes.

  • modules OMR Test

    OMR Test

    OMR based test self test method to practice exam question.

  • modules Study Material

    Study Material

    Subject,Chapter, Topic wise study material Reports.

  • modules Awards


    Students of the week/Month Achievements award option.

  • modules Dictionary


    English, English to gujarati and grammer.

  • modules Circular


    news / Circular

  • modules Animation


    Animation Content available for GSEB, CBSE (Gujarati & English Medium)

  • modules Security


    Student's never use another material like video, surfing, movie, camera.


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